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EM Financial Market Solutions.

EM is focussed on financial markets, financial solutions from EM are focussed to give associates a more holistic view of the world and invest or take financial decisions in a more informed manner. Our financial solutions like Predictelator pushes the boundaries of informed decision making to a whole new level by enabling deeper insights based on a lot of parameters presented in a comprehensible manner.

EM solutions meet needs of indepth data analysis of financial market and makes informed decision making a possibility.

Data as Core

Data and Intelligence is the Core of Next Generation Applications.

At EM data centric abilities differentiate us from competitors. When we build solutions for the future we are focussed on deriving intelligence from data all along the way making it possible for us to manage, infer and present data in a more understandable manner and taking automated decisions based on data.

EM data management platforms are built on open source and makes it possible to analyze data cost effective and faster due to intelligent customizations.

Continuous Development

Continuous Development a new Reality.

Continuous development is a new reality in an agile world. As the speed of business is faster and continuous change is a reality in the business world EM solutions allows you to stay ahead of the curve. EM continuous design, development, deployment solutions improves the speed of bringing your business thinking out to the world.

Adopt EM solutions to bring agility, speed and continuous to your business. As you keep thinking to be ahead of the curve we make it possible.

Complete analytics

Analytics when you need it in a simple presentable manner.

EM analytics helps you to develop solutions for business, with a simple analytics focussed solution EM gives you control over business decisions like never before. With EM analytics deploy a solution which business understands. Financial analytics from EM makes it possible to get a 360 degree visibility of parameters affecting business so that you can think smarter by using our tools.

Speed up business decisions by clustering parameters affecting business and a solution based on analytics.