Data Science Improves Productivity Across Industries

    Data Science Improves Productivity Across Industries

    Most of the data captured to this day has been dormant and have been used in management reports. Historical reports and trend analysis has been used in finance and other industries to be able to find future trends.

    The above scenario has been a norm across industries, but when we talk about decision making upto this point it has always been the managers and analysts who have taken decisions.


    Improvement of computation ability and latest improvements in packaged software to analyze data has put data science not only as a tool for reporting and display of information but a decision making tool. As an automated tool, data science has ability to make decisions and execute some of the decisions. In finance data science and algorithms have made it possible to analyze trends and place automated trades which improves productivity in finance and does the work of analysts and traders.

    The spread of applications and industries, can improve productivity and help improve industries.

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