Financial Compliance

Financial Compliance

Financial institutions with complex portfolios and high volumes of trades and transactions are often buried under petabytes of data, incompatible systems, and complicated customer landscapes. As this data grows in size and complexity, so does the regulatory landscape, compounding the challenge.

Reduce the Noise and Surface the Right Signals

Our clients in the financial sector use Palantir Foundry to integrate data in its rawest form and build a consolidated view of individuals and their networks. With the unprecedented ability to analyze risk factors in the context of behavioral and market trends, our clients are:

  • Mapping blacklists against transaction and account data, revealing high-risk individuals who continue to transact and open new accounts
  • Triaging alerts faster and reducing false positives by an order of magnitude
  • Identifying wire transactions in high-risk areas based on the correlation of internal and public data & watchlists
  • Tackling these complex financial challenges in compliance with data regulations such as Basel's BCBS 239 and the upcoming EU GDPR

Business Acceleration and Regulatory Compliance are no Longer at Odds.

Engineers minds foundry provides a foundational platform that supports workflows at every stage of the financial compliance process. With capabilities for alerting, triage, deep investigation, and reporting and regulatory compliance in one environment, our clients are:

  • Building enriched alerts on all available data in code-based and code-free environments
  • Inspecting and tuning each model that generates an alert
  • Contextualizing findings against full financial history and broader network of related parties
  • Reintegrating their analyses and insights back into the platform as new data for other analysts to utilize and build on

In treating financial compliance as a data-driven problem, our clients are not only building a rich data asset that allows them to stay ahead of adaptive bad actors, but also accelerating their business through a better understanding of their client base at large.