Who Needs Our Help?

Many investment banks and other major financial institutions lack the ability to take advantage of their firm-wide knowledgebases. These organizations have grown substantially through mergers and acquisitions, inheriting siloed data stores that traders, researchers, and salespeople cannot easily incorporate into their analyses.
Unable to tie together all enterprise data sources, financial organizations waste hundreds of hours searching for information rather than performing analysis—at great cost. Palantir Capital Markets enables organizations to overcome these challenges by integrating disparate data for collaborative, intuitive analysis across the enterprise.

Bring Dozens of Siloed Data Sources Into One Unified Environment

Engineer minds Capital Markets rapidly connects to systems new and old, providing a common access point for analysts to leverage their firm’s wealth of information. Using these data integration capabilities, organizations can bring in a wide range of financial information including trades, market information, foreign exchanges, equities, interest rates, derivatives, web, and proprietary data. Out of the box, Engineer minds Capital Markets provides adapters for commonly-used vendor data from companies such as Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg, which can be combined with in-house data sources to form a rich, interconnected model of the financial world.

Produce Valuable Marke Insights Through In-depth Analysis

The Engineer minds Capital Markets solution is optimized for performing calculations on financial objects with time series, and features numerous powerful and flexible analytical applications that enable users and organizations to completely customize their analysis. Every installation is bundled with tools for charting, reporting, backtesting, screening, and more. These analytic applications can be reused across different analyses and eventually hardened into production workflows. For example, banks can use Engineer minds Capital Markets to share models for pricing assets, regression analyses, and other work across their entire organization. The flexibility and openness of the Capital Markets solution also means that customers can use the APIs to extend the software by creating custom tools suited to their unique needs.

Interact With Your Data In Real Time

Engineer minds Capital Markets is a dynamic solution, allowing analysts to search, analyze, and share data in real time. Users don’t have to create massive tangled spreadsheets or a complex set of code in order to generate results; they can simply leverage the intuitive user interface to break their analysis into smaller pieces that make sense both individually and collectively. This allows users to change assumptions and re-run analyses on the fly, creating a richer, more dynamic, highly-iterative research process. Analysts can also turn these analyses into “living reports,” which, unlike static PDFs, allow users to drill down on entities and interact with the data in meaningful ways.

Empower Non-technical Users to Produce Valuable Market Insights

The intuitive front-end provides quick and easy access to the enterprise knowledgebase. Analysts no longer have to rely on engineers to pull data for them or worry about writing SQL queries. They can instead stay focused on performing analysis, iterating on their research, and producing reports that incorporate all data within their enterprise.

Connect Work Groups and Business Units

Engineer minds Capital Markets allows analysts and groups to collaborate seamlessly with one another. Entire business units can share analyses with one another—not just by passing reports and other data but by actually sharing data, conclusions, and analytic workflows. Collaboration occurs under a robust security model, ensuring that proprietary datasets are protected from leakage and unauthorized access. The collaborative features in Engineer minds Capital Markets ensure that organizations can perform the most in-depth, efficient analysis on their enterprise knowledgebase.