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We cater to financial services which has always been on a leading edge in technology and apply it to other industries.

Capital Markets
Many investment banks and other major financial institutions lack the ability to take advantage of their firm-wide knowledgebases. These organizations have grown substantially through mergers and acquisitions, inheriting siloed data stores that traders, researchers, and salespeople cannot easily incorporate into their analyses...
Financial Compliance
Financial institutions with complex portfolios and high volumes of trades and transactions are often buried under petabytes of data, incompatible systems, and complicated customer landscapes. As this data grows in size and complexity, so does the regulatory landscape, compounding the challenge.
Insider Threat
At financial institutions, companies driven by R&D, healthcare organizations, government agencies, and beyond, thousands of employees interact with proprietary enterprise data on a daily basis. .
legal Intelligence
Lawyers handle massive volumes of data from many sources. Many types of data that lawyers routinely encounter complicate traditional research methods. Although lawyers can easily review unstructured data such as documents, transcripts, and audio recordings, they often lack the capability to efficiently analyze structured data such as call logs, financial transaction records, and spreadsheets.
Engineers minds Intelligence is a complete, proven solution that is used throughout the intelligence community to efficiently, effectively, and securely exploit and analyze data, leading to more informed operational planning and strategic decision-making.

Industry solutions

We provide secure and accountable solutions that organizations need to maximize the value of their data while making sure that it's processed in accordance with the rules, regulations, and norms that govern data privacy. Key capabilities include:.

Data discovery and classification: Compile a complete inventory of personal, sensitive, or otherwise controlled data using Foundry's human-driven, computer-assisted discovery and classification framework. .

Robust and granular access controls: Prevent unauthorized access while enabling effective collaboration using configurable controls at the metadata, dataset, and sub-dataset level. .

Industry Readiness

Our intuitive solutions provide quick and easy access to the enterprise data. Managers and analysts no longer have to rely on engineers to pull data for them or worry about writing SQL queries. They can instead stay focused on performing analysis, iterating on their research, and producing reports that incorporate all data within their enterprise.

Our solutions infuse data and analytics into every function. Flexible data ingestion from various hot and cold data sources is a game changer for the companies that recognize the need to scale data science across their organization and need a central platform to analyze the various moving parts of a company.

Continuous integration, testing, delivery and changes make our application development practices better than the industry. Our pre-fabricated setups help you to get a continuous delivery environment up and running within a small time and gets you ready for action.


We cater to financial services which has always been on a leading edge in technology and apply it to other industries.

Asset Management
We empower capital market analysts to interact with their data in a unified, intuitive, and flexible environment to be able to discover insights like never before. Part of our strength is customization as per your needs..
We empower banks and financial institutions with tools which can help monitor security, manage fraud and perform analysis like never before. Banking solutions from EM are smaller in footprint, customizable and easier to deploy leading to a faster ROI
Commercial Real Estate
Commercial real estate maintains a fast paced growth and change, with our solutions you can monitor the many sensors and data and make smart choices for energy saving, security and staffing.
Our solutions are a base for data analysis and managing platforms in industries including arts and music, retail and others. This helps us applying knowledge from one industry in another and staying on top of the innovation curve.